‬ Dear chess player, We always aim to providing appropriate domain for you to compete, develop your skills, assess your level and find your weaknesses to overcome them and turn them into strength and give you the opportunity to apply what you've learned in the field of chess. Therefore, the Kuwait Mental Games Club began from the month of January 2014 to organize chess competitions including Rapid and Blitz every month at the club's headquarters in Qadisiyah at 4:00 PM so that the tournament starts and ends on the same day,in addition to other annual contests .Here you will find the news of these competitions and their results and what’s new in the chess arena in Kuwait .As well we do communicate with the registered chess players via the free text messaging service.If you have not been receiving text messages from our website, it means you are not registered in the database of players, and you can register by sending your full name Phone Number nationality and civil ID number to:Email: q8chess@gmail.com Or WhatsApp or SMS to: 99733283 Thank you for visiting us and wishing you all the best

Khalaf Al Azemi